Bringing weaving to life!

Weaving & Natural Dye

BARE Weavers Ingrid & Kate focus on weaving with local native plant fibres and only dye with natural materials. Joining us for a workshop will connect you with an ancient tradition of women’s wisdom and immerse you into a deeper connection with your local environment.

Learning to weave alongside caring for two small humans was a profound and humbling experience. The three of us were accepted into the community of weavers and I enjoyed being able to dip in and out as needed.

The small humans got to help light fires and connect with different people over the 5 days. It was really special and powerful and I came away feeling stronger and more grounded in my journey as a mother and with some kick arse weaving skills. I’m happy to say I’m a weaving addict now and I love the connection my kids have to the weaving process.


Weaving is not just weaving. Ingrid and Kate facilitate a well-crafted container that is a remembering of our ancestral roots. The old ways! Skillfully as the baskets are woven so does the connection to country and each other. I appreciate each of their unique styles and their in-depth knowledge of fibre dying, their mastery of basketry and so much more. It’s fun, it’s healing and although I had no crafty vibe about me I took to it like a duck to water and years down the track I am an avid weaver! 



Joining us for either a 3 day or 5 day workshop will ignite your weaving mojo!

You will…

Ignite your connection to your local landscapes,

Reclaim your instinctual wisdom,

Busy your hands, and;

Learn how to craft your life from your personal power.

Join our tribe!

All of us at BARE Weaving would like to show our profound respect and love for all indigenous communities around the world. We acknowledge that indigenous wisdom is a global knowledge bank held by humans from all races and countries. Basket weaving skills are the original survival skills which all humans once used in order to live in harmony with the earth. BARE Weaving programs help to share these skills and keep them alive in the modern day.

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land, of our ancestors and elders – past and present, on which our programs take place.  With a special recognition to the elders past and present from the Gumbanyggirr people of the North Coast of NSW, and our adopted Yolngu families of North-East Arnhem Land.

We have been deeply inspired on our weaving journey’s by weaving styles from all over the world and most importantly by the land that supports us.